For most forklift marina owners Aero-Docks robotic storage systems are a paradigm shift in thinking about boat dry stack storage. System III allows the greatest design flexibility to match your site requirements and marina’s long term goals. Building distance from water is flexible and this equipment offers the best ability to accommodate greatest variety of boat sizes and types. See the following presentation titled SYSTEM III TUTORIAL with explanations of all aspects of this incredible designed machine. Also below is a section dedicated to just the unique patented traveling transport elevator using our traveling tugs a breakthrough engineering marvel to “lift and shift” all boats. Flexibility for the owner is the key to this systems design. All unique functions are detailed with images and our HD Video on Video page. System III by Aero-Docks is the future of dry stack marinas.

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Marquis 72 ft (24.5m) fly bridge - visit the website
Marquis 72 ft (24.5m) fly bridge

Aero-Docks creates an entire NEW MARKET for marina owners from high net worth large yacht owners. Forklifts are limited to boats 46 ft (15.5m) of speed boat design. Aero-Docks can store 46 to 75ft+ (23m) and 175,000 lbs(80,000kg), this category includes Cruisers and Yachts with a fly bridge. Also owners of these expensive vessels have no opportunity to store their boat/yacht inside a weather proof building anywhere in world. Your marina will have no market competition thus you can charge a more profitable rate per foot above 38 ft. Applying this unique capability can only be done with Aero-Docks. This market of boat sizes, until now, must sit in the water. Your Aero-Docks Marina’s available large yacht storage space is filled very quickly even in area’s with many dry stack marina’s.

Reliability, is built into all movement parts of System III so if any 1 or even 2 motors fail-- the system will operate at 50% capacity…thus allowing the marina owner to continue to launch and retrieve boats. (See our Warranty page for details about our 2 year warranty and 20 year extended full parts/labor customer service agreement all serviced by Rockwell Automation.) Typical manufacturing and construction schedule is 7 to 14 months depending on scope of project and system.


Aero-Docks System III stores 40-55% more boats depending on layout in EXACT same size building footprint and height of forklift dry stack. System III’s unique ability to work in a building maximum of 200 feet (61m) in height allows 250% more boats on same amount of land when going above the 61 ft (19m) maximum for a forklift building. See Casa Del Mar project detailed design layout comparison of forklift dry stack system to our System III designed layout later this page. We put 46% more boats in exact same building and increased linear footage available and PROFITABLE INCOME by 86%! Our System III does NOT use individual boat carriers which is a significant cost and cycle time savings. Systems attempting to use carriers have their cycle times greatly increased due to once boat is launched the boats carrier must be returned into building. Aero-Docks system is ready to retrieve or launch another vessel immediately offering 20-30 boats per hour launch/retrieval.

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  • SeaRay 540 Sundancer 1
  • SeaRay 540 Sundancer 2
  • SeaRay 540 Sundancer 3
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System III is the perfect solution for a marina’s high cost per acre land allowing far greater income up to 250% MORE by going vertical that other systems cannot match. This is why AERO-DOCKS delivers VERTICAL SUPREMACY.


  1. Aisle is 30% narrower than forklift as our aisle only needs to be 2 ft longer than longest boat giving more space for boats to be stored.
  2. Longest boats can be stored top levels where forklift higher it goes less weight it can lift. This creates a triangle of space in front of boats on 3rd and 4th level providing no income from paid for building space. With forklift this restriction of shorter boats top 2 levels greatly reduces mix of boats you can store.
  3. Aero-Docks building height can be 200ft ( 60m) vs. maximum of 62ft(19m) for forklift building. Additional 220% of boat storage space on SAME land. Converting AIR SPACE above building that a forklift can never use.
  4. In forklift building if max row length is 45 ft most always boats less than 45ft are stored leaving often 25%-35% lost income from space that is there but empty. Aero-Docks ability to put 2-4 boats one row and computer density software matching mix of boat lengths so up to 90%+ linear footage/meter all rows all levels are income producing.
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Click here to see the detailed Casa Del Mar layout diagrams showing how our System III adds 46% more boats and increased usable income linear feet(meters) from 8,847 to 12,402 ft. in the exact same building.