Richard C. Lydle - President/CEO

Richard has owned, founded and purchased numerous manufacturing companies during his manufacturing career that began in Akron Ohio. Richard’s strength is in the inventing and perfecting new manufacturing processes and equipment such as Aero-Docks and Container Logistics systems. He was president/owner of 4 manufacturing companies in three states that manufactured tooling and parts for numerous customers including Ford, Raytheon, Boeing Airplane Company and U.S. Steel to name a few. He founded Metalkrafters of Ohio manufacturing steel process equipment and storage systems. Richard then purchased Cast Masters from the Timken Steel Co. At CastMasters he with Pratt & Whitney developed the Hollow Fan Blade System used in jet engines for the Boeing 777’s. During the 1990s Richard pioneered the casting process to make Invar, a material that does not expand when heated, that was used in composite tooling the F-22 Raptor Jet Fighters and many other airframes. Richard holds a B.S. in Entrepreneurial Business from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio and completed Mechanical Engineering courses at the University of Akron.

Richard C. Lydle - President/CEO Aero-Docks

Aero-Docks and Container Logistics Worldwide are Richard’s fifth and sixth start up companies. The company is dedicated to excellent customer and employee experiences. The patents for the robotic Aero-Docks products were issued to Richard during the last quarter of 2013.

Richard enjoys being with his daughter, his sisters, brother John and their children and grandchildren. His favorite activities are boating, fishing and snow skiing. Richard is active in WPO, World Presidents Organization.


John E Lydle Sr
1909 - 1993

The Lydle family was headed by Richard, John, Marilyn and Barbara’s deceased father, John E. Lydle who had long been a entrepreneurial and industry leader. He held 13 patents tool, tire changing and tempered glass markets. John founded or was the investor of the following companies:

  • Ken-Tool Manufacturing, Akron Ohio
         Still in Business - Visit Ken-Tool's website
  • Thermo-Rite Manufacturing, Akron, Ohio
         Still in Business - Visit Thermo-Rite's website
  • Tyre-On Manufacturing, Akron, Ohio
  • Kennedy Service Tools, Akron, Ohio
  • Universal Tire Molds Akron, Ohio
  • Ross Bait, Akron, Ohio
  • Roto-Mold Plastic Products, Akron, Ohio

John E. Lydle Jr. - Vice President

John Lydle Jr., a partner in Aero-Docks, began his career in computer operations for Standard Oil of Ohio then computer room supervisor for Motorola Communication Division. John then joined Goodyear Aerospace Defense Division in Akron, Ohio, working in contract administration and earning DOD Secret clearance while managing the $110 million Captor Mine program. He then moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to work as Manager of Engineering & Product Design for the Zimmer Motor Car Company. In 1989 he established Lydle Enterprises, building two successful startup companies. John joined the Aero-Docks team in 2007 and heads up the construction, installation and service maintenance divisions for Aero-Docks and Container Logistics Worldwide. John holds a BA from Hillsdale College in Economics & Business Administration as well as a Minor in Psychology.

Dick's younger brother is a passionate auto enthusiast involved in racing and restoration of classic muscle and sports cars. He enjoys spending time with his two sons, family and close friends, including out on the water as he loves fast boats. He also bike rides, lifts weights, loves reading and movies, and enjoys collecting and using his vast Cassette Walkman collection, one of the largest in the world.

John E Lydle Jr - Vice President Aero-Docks