Boomerang Systems, Inc. provides cutting edge automated applications for both self storage and parking. All of our systems are designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States. Boomerang’s parent corporation S&S Worldwide, Inc., is the largest U.S. manufacturer of roller coasters and family thrill rides for amusement parks. S&S Worldwide, Inc. S&S Worldwide, Inc. has installed over 150 major amusement rides and coasters and an additional 180 children's rides around the globe in 27 different countries * World's tallest thrill ride (Stratosphere, Las Vegas, NV). * World's first air powered roller coaster. * World's fastest roller coaster (Guinness World Record in 2002) * Hundreds of millions of people thrilled in 27 countries worldwide.

Visit the Logan Utah factory and see the automobile version of Aero-Docks Boat Storage System III aisle elevator tower in operation. The car tower is a sister machine of our Aero-Docks boat Transporter system using identical Rockwell Automation motors/computers and it has cycled more the 40,000 times. The Aero-Docks boat transporter is the car transporter on steroids. The working system has surpassed 40,000 cycles... that equates to moving 30 boats per day for 365 days per year equaling nearly 4 years of actual uninterrupted operation... that defines reliability.

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